Pink Fire Pointer Pete and Repeat

Pete and Repeat

It all started with this book.  I belong to small group with a focus on reproduction quilts.  We gather once a month and just have a grand ol' time.  We typically have a project we work on in secret through the year and we unveil them at our December gathering.  This year it started with the History Repeated book.  We were to choose a quilt from the many gorgeous quilts in the book and make it for ourselves.  

Last night we gathered for the reveal!

First up was Twyla....our fearless hostess! 

 GORGEOUS!  She selected the hourglass quilt from the book and we all ooohed and aaaahed at the stunning quilt top!  Just lovely!  

Then it was time for Karen to share the quilt she chose to make....

 and we all laughed because she chose the SAME QUILT as Twyla!  Another stunning hourglass quilt!

Here are their quilts side by side!  So lovely!  By this point I was thinking how much I love that hourglass quilt and I should put it on my list!

Then it was Jo's turn to share.  And just GUESS what quilt SHE chose to make??
 OMG yes....ANOTHER hourglass quilt!!  We were really laughing at this point!  

Three...count 'em...THREE gorgeous hourglass quilts!  Reproduction fabrics abound!  They were all just stunning!

Lisa sat quietly...with a slight, friendly smile...and then it was her turn to show her quilt.

And good grief.....
 ANOTHER hourglass quilt!!!  Tooooo funny!!!!  Although Lisa did insert the tiny hourglass blocks in her quilt.  

 FOUR hourglass quilts!  And let me say that nobody shared what quilt they were working on through the year!  It was beyond funny!

Well...I was next up and no hourglass quilt from me....THIS year!  ;o)

 I chose the double nine patch blocks...brown and shirtings set with cheddar.  We all know I love me some cheddar!  

And then it was Kay's turn.....

 STUNNING!!!  Is this not fabulous!?  I love this quilt and wish it was mine, but alas...tis not to be.  I'll have to make my own!  But I loved all the color!!

Kay and I laughed that we felt as if we weren't invited to the same party as the other we were left out of a secret pact or something!  ;o)

 Another year...another quilt.....and another evening filled with fun,
friends, and laughter!

For the new year, we are again going to work from the History Repeated book.
I wonder how many duplicate quilts there will be December 2013?
Too fun!

Do you belong to a small group?
Have you made any of the quilts from the History Repeated book?
Have you laughed lately?
I hope so!  :o)