Pink Fire Pointer Quick and Not So Quick!

Quick and Not So Quick!

It's always nice to get a little quick fix of finishing something!  These little fingerless mitts were just the ticket for me this weekend!  Friday night I pulled out the leftover sock yarn from my Game Day "Go Cowboys" socks and cast these on.  Finished them up this evening!  After the Cowboys loss today, I like the fact that the coloring of these is such that I can also just call them "denim friendly" instead of anything Cowboys related and still feel good wearing them!  ;o)

 True to form, as I worked on one project, I had my eye on another.  I've been perusing this....

and I'm getting in the mood to prep an applique quilt....or three!  I need to finish up that Broken Dishes quilt first, and get busy on another quilt that I'll be doing to share with my quilting small group by year's end.  But there are some lovely quilts in Barb Adams & Alma Allen's new book--"In The Meadow" that I can dream about starting, though they certainly won't be quick to finish.  That's okay though!

So tell was YOUR weekend?  :o)