Pink Fire Pointer Surrounded By The Dishes

Surrounded By The Dishes

Finally!  I'm surrounded by pressed Broken Dishes blocks!  Whew!  


I was asked recently how I approach scrap quilts if I don't use a design wall.  Well. Truth be told I don't stress too much about placement.  So long as two exact blocks aren't touching, I'm pretty okay with it!  This isn't supposed to be stressful!  I doubt the quiltmakers of earlier times planned and plotted and freaked out about scrap quilt block placement!  

So here's how I will handle these.  First they will all get dumped in a laundry basket and mixed up.  I'll sit down and just randomly pull and sew blocks together, making sure I don't sew identical blocks together. 

Another thing I don't do is work in rows.  Hardly ever will you find me sewing long rows together.  Instead I like to work in quadrants.  Much easier to handle for me! 

So there you have it!  I'll be pulling blocks out of the laundry basket this upcoming week from time to time.  I hope this one goes together relatively quickly!  Sure seems like the quilt project that never ends!

Happy Saturday!